We believe that we are “ALL” God’s children, brothers and sisters; and we pray that we can learn to make this IDEAL a REALITY through our words and actions towards each other.

WE (me and Antoinette) decided to create this space as an arena where Spiritually Motivated people can come together and discuss Spiritual, Religious and Personal issues in a safe and and mutually loving and supportive environment.

Even though OUR “highest truth” is found in The Urantia Book, we welcome everyone’s ideas, respect your beliefs, and embrace the beauty of all Truth that resonates in our Souls, regardless of where it originates from. Our only Rule is The Golden Rule! So we naturally expect you to treat everyone with the same level of love, respect and compassion that you would like to receive.

We have decided to do just two Urantia Zoom Studies per week from this point forward. Wednesdays at 6pm PST and Sundays at 10am PST.
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Pato Banton and Antoinette RootsDawtah

(Pato Banton is an Ordained Minister for Christ Michael, Certified Counselor, Under Shepherd and BrotherFriend to ALL. If you ever need personal support, someone to confide in, marriage counseling, conflict resolution, an understanding “ear” or someone to pray with, you can message him on Facebook, email him at, or you can text or call him directly at 001-323-877-6502 and all his “personal” services are free! )

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Antoinette RootsDawtah ~ My Pilgrimage to Lalibela, Ethiopia 2018

What Happens When Someone Dies?

A Conversation With Pato Banton


September 8, 2018

Pato Banton says, “I think every situation that a child is brought up into becomes normal for them.”

Hearing him reflect on his childhood in London reveals a “normal” most of us would find deeply traumatizing.

His experiences with his mother’s string of partners and their underworld activities is down there with Dickens compared to the Leave It To Beaver world of my youth. But Pato’s story reveals that one can press through years of childhood abuse and neglect, and emerge as a luminary of joy, creativity, and justice.

Pato’s 30 year career as a reggae artist includes worldwide tours, a Grammy nomination, over 12 albums, and work with such figures as Sting, UB40, and Paul Shaffer. But his light shines brightest in the seamless flow of spirituality throughout his performances. In a recent show at a Sixth Street bar in Austin, accompanied by his wife Antoinette and guitarist Andy Kushner, Pato delivered a rousing Saturday night show of roots reggae blended with sincere spirituality—part revel, part revival. Whether one came to this venue to slam a few Red Stripes and groove to Jamaican rhythms or get an experience of divine love, either was satisfied. Throughout the show Pato invited musicians and audience members up to share the stage. Everyone felt included. It was a family celebration.

Last April at a Urantia Book Conference in Noordwijkerhout, Netherlands, I got to sit down with Pato for an hour and record his thoughts on a challenging upbringing, his spiritual quest, and his transformative beliefs.

You can read the entire transcript of his interview here.