The Words of Rastafari

Pato Banton
  1. Triumphant Entry: Victory Day! -:-- / 7:11
  2. Rastafari’s Speech on Leadership -:-- / 4:58
  3. Rastafari’s Speech on Responsibility -:-- / 4:25
  4. Rastafari’s Speech on Development -:-- / 8:13
  5. World Peace- Meeting of the Churches -:-- / 5:22
  6. People are the Wealth of the Nation -:-- / 3:43
  7. What Makes Me Follow Jesus Christ -:-- / 5:00
  8. Human Rights & Living in Peace -:-- / 6:28
  9. Rastafari’s Speech on Tolerance -:-- / 7:32
  10. Rastafari’s Speech on Inaction -:-- / 6:36
  11. Rastafari’s Speech on Education -:-- / 8:01
  12. A New Way of Life -:-- / 4:43
  13. Spirituality & the Spirit of Africa! -:-- / 7:11
  14. Spiritual Unity -:-- / 4:46
  15. Address to the United Nations -:-- / 27:50

My brother….permit me to partake these words into your spirit realm.

You were surely appointed by God for greatness.

I sat and listened to your narration of The Words Of Rastafari, by Emperor Haile Selassie…. and was deeply move in the spirit to a level……..Jah only……could have me attain…..I am surrounded by books 📚 written by great renowned…..and present day writers….and music from all nations….The ignorant and the unlearn would never fathom what you have done ✅…….God have imputed a wealth of wisdom and knowledge into you….that brought two of the greatest men together as a reminder……that the words that were spoken and the music sang are exactly what is occurring in the world 🌎 today ….Government and Teachers are not producing great Leaders and Students…….they are deaf and blind to Speeches of Emperor Haile Selassie and music sang by Bob Ernesta Marley…..i heard instruments of his music injected as you narrated….Pato Banton what you are offering to the hearers and doers is like a Pearl in a field….to quicken the spirit being of mankind back to reality……For that purpose alone i sought to buy this field…….to obtain this Pearl.

Rastafari Love