Written by: Pato Banton & Antoinette Rootsdawtah

Parliament Of World Religions 2018
POWR 2018

Parliament Of World Religions (POWR) – Our first experience was at their 2015 Salt Lake City event titled Reclaiming The Heart of Our Humanity. We were invited by Ben Bowler to help with hosting the 1God.com Booth and it was an especially great experience because our main goal was to find the common ground that all religions share. The feedback was so amazing that we created a video with the responses of religionists from all over the world, including many Urantians!

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Written by: Brian McElhiney – The Bulletin (Bend, OR)

British reggae singer brings spirituality to The Capitol – Everything comes back to community and spirituality for Pato Banton. In the reggae genre, this almost goes without saying. But the London-born singer takes his involvement to a level most of his peers don’t reach, starting with his live performances. His biography on his website and Facebook page describes the prayer circles that often end his shows: “… Some have cried while sharing their stories of contemplated suicide, isolation after losing a loved one, struggles with substance abuse and how their personal connection with Pato has given them the strength to ‘Stay Positive’ & ‘Never Give In.’”

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Written by: Parry Gettelman – The Orlando Sentinel

You ask me how I see the world??? My answer is sadly.”

That statement prefaces the liner notes for rising reggae star Pato Banton’s new Wize Up!, an album that dwells on the sorrow caused by poverty, war, injustice, “political foolishness,” bigotry, drug addiction and the destruction of the environment. Still, his lovely, often humorous songs are a sure tonic against despair.

“I’m not so hopeful for the world; I’m more hopeful for the individual soul,” Banton said in a phone interview from New England. Banton and his band, the Studio 2 Crew, will play Orlando’s Beacham Theatre Saturday.

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