Celebrate Mandela’s Freedom

Celebrate the freedom of mandela celebrate todayCelebrate the freedom of mandela

Celebrate celebrate today (repeat)

On the 11th day of february 1990
I was glad to be alive and able to see
Nelson mandela walking proud and free
After 27 years in captivity


In this world we’re living in so many things are changing
People are now fighting for what they believe in
Hand in hand woman and man march against the system
And their telling all their leaders to do the right thing yeah
Do the right thing, do the right thing
Do the right thing world leaders, do the right thing


Amandela power to the people
Amandela awe tu
Amandela power to the people
Amandela awe tu (repeat)

Well the struggle isn’t over no the struggles just begun
And the fight against apart -hate must go on & on & on
Cause equal rights and justice should apply to everyone
And if it don’t then there is something definitely wrong
So freedom fighters near and far make room cause here i come
And i ain’t gonna stop ain’t gonna give it up until the battles won
We want black and white to all unite together as one
Cause united we stand but divided we are done
So all south africans come on & hear me when i sing
Cause my message to all of you is never give in
In the fight against evil goodness will win
And if you agree then you are free to join in and celebrate!