Destination Paradise

It’s a Revelation for the Now Generation

Destiny Yeah Destination

Inquisitive as I am

I have always had so many questions

Even as a little youth

I’d be digging up the roots to find a little grain of truth

In my frustration I would search

The synagogue, the mosque even the temple and the church

even though some truth could be found in every one

So could the overwhelming Ego of a man

Destiny Yeah

My Destination is Paradise, Paradise, Paradise, Paradise

Persistent as I am

I will never stop searching til I find a resolution

But no matter how I tried

The books of yesteryear could never give me a solution

Then one bright day in my dismay

I went down on my knees & pray

please send me a sign

Father please show me a sign for peace of mind

And so that through you I can find my


Now truly grateful yes I am

And thank you Jah for everything you’ve done

I thank you for everything you’ve show me

For the Mother Spirit & Christ Michael your S.O.N

Of Nebadon)

Oh yes I found that great blue book. Urantia

And I took a little look. Revelation

Now I’m as happy as can be

Cause I found my truth and my truth has set me free


It’s a Revelation for the Now Generation