Don’t Sniff Coke

Now this one is dedicated to the people all over

Remember the words of your crucial entertainer
When i say “i do not sniff the coke i only smoke the sensimilla.”

I do not sniff the coke i only smoke the sensimilla [rpt 4x]

Without a doubt i am the boss in my class i am the teacher
If music is the fruit of life then i will be a reaper
If m.C. Business was a school then i would be head master
If a car i’d be the driver, if a bike i’d be the rider
If m.C. Business was a church pato would be the vicar
Then instead of calling me m.C. You all would call me preacher
But fun and joke aside i want to get serious in this matter
And dedicate this style to each and every cocaine dealer.


In february 1985 pato became a winner
Because i did that tune called ‘allo tosh gotta toshiba (repeat )
It shooted up the charts and nearly gave my mum heart failure
She looked at me and said son me glad me grow you proper
A son like you would be the pride and joy of any mother
No make the fame get to your head just think about your future
Those words of encouragement just made me push on further
To break down any walls and also break through any barrier
I got a lot of guidance from g.T. Who is my manager
Assistance from don christie, fashion helped me cross the border
I also got a lot of aid from good good sensimilla
That’s why i do not snort the coke i only burn the ganja

Chorus:(rpt 4x)

One day i had to catch a train from birmingham to london
Half way on my journey was approached by this white ruffian
With greasy hair and scruffy jeans he looked just like a villain
He sat down opposite me with a tennants [lager] in his right hand
But i don’t judge appearance i just check the way you galong
So i introduced myself to him as mr pato banton
Nice to meet ya, my name’s roadie and i work with p.A. Hire
I’ve heard your name some place before but i just can’t remember
But anyway i’m very very very glad to meet ya
And i’ve got some dope it’s first class coke
You can have this for a fiver
I looked down on the table and saw a piece of silver paper
Inside this silver paper was some powder looked like flour
Me ask him what it do for you it give you strength and power
Now everyone i want you to hear the way that roadie answered
Well mr pato the sensation is fine
It makes me see green men and then i go to cloud nine
All my worries and problems are left miles behind
So no matter where i am i have a brilliant time
If you don’t believe me hold on and i’ll fix you a line
Just take one sniff of this and you’ll be out of your mind

But i took the coke and threw it right outside the carriage window
Before he could say a word i quickly built up a five-sheeter
Into my pocket for my sensi and my lighter
I lit it with a flash and then to roadie passed it over
I could see that he was loving it because of his expression
Me tell him this is sensi the healing of the nation
In some place doctors use it for herbal medication
Ronald reagan smoke it just before him go pon television
After margret thatcher visit him she bring some back to england
Then distributes it equally throughout the house commons
But fun and joke aside it gives me deep deep meditation
It fills my heart with niceness and i get nuff inspiration
You could be any colour any creed or any nation
After smoking sensimilla i know you’ll find a reason why

I do not sniff coke i only smoke sensimilla