Don’t Stop The Music

Don’t stop the music !

Do anything you want but
Don’t stop the music!
Can’t you see it’s all i got

Now my papa did’nt like the sound of the drum and the bass
Coming through the speaker in the livingroom
So he came down stairs in a puff shouting:
“ son you better just turn that music down!”
Well i was never one to disagree
I was one of the best behaved in the family
But when it came to my sweet reggae music
I had to tell him: papa no, don’t stop the music

Music was my first love and it will be my last
We dream about the furture but we can’t forget the past
No i can’t forget, can’t forget
Can’t forget no, can’t forget
I was born and raised in the ghetto
A member of a struggling family
Born and raised in the ghetto
Hard times was my only reality
Born and raised in the ghetto
It’s not a very nice place to be
But the music gives us the vibe so:
Don’t stop the music!

Time on another plane no time for materialism
Time to climb that ladder again no time for this system of ism
And no matter what a guy might try or what the critics are saying
While i got this breath of life jah conscious music i’m playing so:

Don’t stop the music!