Got To Keep Moving On

Knock! Who’s
There?Banana. Banana who? Banana…peel it!

Alright my go. Knock Knock!
Who’s There?

Pat! Pat who?
Ha ha ha
that’s right

It’s Patoo passing through

This one goes out to all masses and crew

It’s Patoo passing through

With the good vibes and the good news now

Got to keep moving uh huh

Always improving uh huh

Got to keep moving

To the rhythm of life we keep grooving uh huh

Got to keep rising exercise and re-energizing

Though struggle and strive we keep hope alive

And we always survive, that’s why me sing

Got to keep moving on

Though the journey is hard and long

Got to keep standing strong yow


We gotta hustle and grind for every nickel and dime

Just to pay the bills on ……time

Round the clock daytime to nighttime

And a hope things change down the line

but I know

Life is filled with ups and …………downs

Today you smile tomorrow you ……….frown

Today you win tomorrow you ……. lose

On cloud nine then the moody …..blues

We all have wants and ……………..needs

But there’s a price to pay to succeed

Well just like the wise man said

By the sweat of your brow you woulda eat your …….bread

Yes, life is like a test out there

So you gotta do your best out there er er

Don’t get over-stressed out there no

Just try to stay blessed out there er er


Yeah man everyday things get rough and tough

But you know what

You have to positive every time you know

In a system full of lies you’ve got to be so wise

Open up your eyes recognize and realize

With Jah by your side you’ll always win the prize

Gotta to stand up stronger

Seems like the world gone crazy

So many die on a daily

Some folititions amaze me

Them power mad and so lacksy dazy shady

War! Fighting for the purest oil

Fighting for the richest soil

War! Creating so much turmoil

War! it makes my blood boil

Jah children don’t let Babylon fool you

And don’t let the system cool you

Don’t let them try footstool you

And don’t let another George Bush mis-rule you

(oh no!)


It’s Patoo