Gotta Be A Change

Man! The situation in the ghetto’s getting from bad to worse

Seems like my people are under some kind of curse
Time to rearrange, gotta be a change

There’s gotta be a change!
(in the ghetto got to be a change)
Gotta be a change!
(in the ghetto got to be a change)
We got to rearrange!
(in the ghetto we got to rearrange)
There’s got to be a change!

(in the ghetto)

Well down inna the ghetto man something gone wrong
A lot a youth man start walk with gun
Shoot you fe money woulda kill you fe fun
Seem like nuff a dem no hear “ bout jah plan”
Down inna de ghetto weh me born and grow
This is something me want you fe know
So listen to me good and listen keenly
Ghetto people do you hear me?

We nar get no help from the heads of state
The churches jus a come wid dem collection plate
No time to wait we better get things straight
Yes befor it gets too late
Ghetto people tell me why can’t you see
The whole a we are just one family
Time fe we get down pon we hands and knees
And pray to the almighty

Yes time a progress and things a get worse
Seems like ghetto people are under a curse
I wonder who next fe go ride in the hearse
For peace and love i hunger and thirst
Unemployment gone on the increase
Drug related crime gone on the increase
Gang warfare gone on the increase
So is the brutality we get from the police
Well everyday an innocent youth get decease
Too late for the doctor so call in the priest
Innocent bloodshed one day must cease
Me a barl out fe peace! Do you hear me?
There’s got to be a change