Hello Tosh

Allo Tosh Gotta Toshiba?

This one is a data check.
This one is a data check.

Allo tosh gotta Toshiba ba ba.
Allo tosh gotta Toshiba ba ba.

Allo tosh gotta Toshiba ba ba.
Allo tosh gotta Toshiba.

My name is Pato I’m a
cool entertainer
I chat it for the old also the teenager
This one is dedicated to my wonderful mother
So every possie get flat and listen them style yah


It was November or was it December ba
To tell the truth I cannot remember ba
All I know it was the middle of winter
And I was on my way to go and visit my mother

I knocked on the door noone came I knocked harder
Ten minutes later got let in by my sister
I ran inside and sat down right in front of the heater
Me teeth them a clatter and me body a shiver
Me mother look pon me and said, “Boy where is your jumper?

You a wear silk shirt like is the middle of summer!”
Well just like other mum’s in the world my mum is a nagger
So just to shut her up I said, “I’m dying for hunger!”
“I won’t cuss you now but I will cuss you later,

Just hold on while I
go and put your food on the fire.”
As soon as she was
out of the room me a stick up some Rizla

Margret Thatcher on
the tele’ so me turn it over
Right there and then
I had to barl out MURDER!
A robot on the tele
him a flash down this style yar


My mother came back
in the room with the dinner
I looked at her and
said, “Allo tosh gotta Toshiba?”

My mother went into a
state of hysteria and shouted,
“Lord, me son turn a nutter!

From the day me born
me never see worse ah
Him turn Rasta and a
smoke up the ganja.

Boy you better take a
trip to the doctor,
But before you go
lend me a fiver

I need some 50p to
put in the metre.”
So I took the wallet
out of my pocket

There was on four
pound notes inside it
She didn’t care still
she took it

I had no bus fare so
I had to walk it
Left right down to
the doctor ta

I knocked the door
and a voice said, “Please enter!
Take a seat and tell
me what is the matter.”

I said, “Well my name
is Pato I’m a cool entertainer,
I only came here
because of my mother

Every time I tell her
that I’m a computer data check
She gets hysterical a
calls me nutter.”

The doctor said,
“take a seat on the sofa,
Lie back and put your
head on the pillow.”

Into my mouth he put
a thermometer
Then his hand on my
forehead to see if I had a fever

Him ask me couple
question and me give him the answer
He sat back in his
chair and then he started to wonder

He said, “ son
everything is in order,
But please tell me
what you said to your mother.”

I said, “Allo Tosh
Gotta Toshiba”
The doctor jumped out
of his chair and bawled “Murder!”

Opened up him desk
drawer and take out some Rizla
Open up him black bag
ram jammed with Sensimela

He built a spliff,
lit it and then he passed it over
He said, “Mr Pato
you’re a lyric computer.

I can find no fault
with you whatsoever.
How’d you like to
earn yourself a quick fiver?

Just repeat that line
into my tape recorder.”


Allo tosh gotta
Toshiba ba ba. Allo tosh gotta Toshiba ba ba.

Allo tosh gotta
Toshiba ba ba. Allo tosh gotta Toshiba

This one is a data
check .This one is a data check.