Jah Love Will Carry Us Through

Jah Jah love is like a rainbow
Covering the spectrum of life
Ultra violet rays of love

Help us through our troubles and strife
Invisible showers yeah
Rain down and touch us each day

I feel itin my heart and soul
And I know it’s true when I say

Love will carry us through
Through the rain and the storm
We go on and on and on

Love will carry us through
No matter what they say or do
Jah Lovewill carry us through

Well as I look around me
All overthis world I see
The rich man’s glory

by the poor man’s poverty
Well it’s the same old story yeah

But there’s gotta be a change some way
See I believe in the prophecy
That the meek shall inherit this world some day


You canhave all the money in the world
If youain’t got Jah love…. don’t mean a thing
Yes you can have all the diamonds and the pearls

If you ain’t got Jah Love…. don’t mean a thing
Some sayit’s all about the Benjamin’s
The most bling bling and material things

But people everywhere let me tell you something
If you ain’t got Jah Love…. don’t mean a thing
So don’t let the system get you down

Set your foundation on a higher ground
In all that you do remember Jah is there with you
you through I know it’s true that…..