My Opinion III

Life is
what you make it, if you see an opportunity Jah know you better take it
And don’t
you mistake it and don’t you fake it no, the golden rule don’t you break it
See life
can be a fantasy or a reality, it’s just a state of your mentality
lose your soul to vanity, it’s insanity, come show some love for humanity


Life is
like the Matrix, you’ve got to free up your mind and get back to basics
It’s in
your genealogy and your psychology and no man can erase it

There’s a
natural mystic blowing in the air, science cannot trace it
But I can
feel it, hear it, see it, smell it, I can even taste it……mmmmmmm


Life is
one big game we play, with rules to obey and a price to pay
fittest survive and stay alive while some just gone astray

But night
and day, we hope and pray they open their mind and they find a way
In this
world of illusions and confusions, you’ve got to be brave I say

above lower tendencies, tune in to higher frequencies
yourself from addictions and conflictions to material dependencies

Be all
that you can be and when your truth has set you free
Let your
light shine for all to see from now till Eternity


So it is
written so let it be done
Genesis to this time of Revelation