First of all I thank you Jah, for the beauty of life,
And for the spiritual strength in my moments of strife.
I thank you for the Bible like a compass it’s my guide
So I won’t get lost or left no way by the way side.
Although I lost my dreads I haven’t lost my sight.
And until my day of rest I will follow your light.
I will fight against injustice, hypocrites and sodomites
And over evil I will win with the truth and the rights.

I’ve been recaptured by Mad Professor.
I’ve been recaptured by Mad Professor.
I’ve been recaptured by Mad Professor.
Come, ma ma ma ma ma Mad Professor.

There I was another victim of the music industry.
Surrounded by producers only after money.
With a low mentality, they disregard reality.
That’s why I’m glad Professor recaptured me.
And said, “This is an exodus, no compromise…straight back to Ariwa.”


If the riddim is a lock, I would be the key.
If a plane, I’m the pilot. If a horse, I’m jockey.
Music is my love my life and my hobby.
And me give all the praise to the almighty.
So when it comes to roots and a reality
Justa turn on mic and give it to me.
Cause me, love feeling when the vibes just move me.
And the drum and the base line groove me.
Time fe jam it a no time fe we lazy.
So Mad Professor dub me crazy ina this here exodus…
Alright alright…straight back to Ariwa!


Now you know that this artist him a no one hit wonder
Just like my hero Bob Marley gonna live forever.
Cause I’m not gonna lose my roots or my love for Jah Jah.
And I won’t sell out for English pound or no Yankee dollar.
So whether you live near come follow me whether you live afar.
No matter bout your creed, no matter bout your color.
It’s a fact believe me this is not a rumor.
Pato Banton has been recaptured by
ma ma ma… mamama mamama Mad Professor.
mamama mamama Mad Professor. (worries again)
I’ve been recaptured by Mad Professor. Dub it!