Save Your Soul

I was a dead man out in the cold
Life was the pits and i was deep in a hole
Just about to give up then lo and behold
A voice from within said “save your soul”

Hit it!

Yo brothers and sisters all around the globe
I got a story yeah its ‘s got to be told
To my family friends fans even my foes
It’s like this ya this is how it goes
I was out in the world without an aim or a goal
Out a school and out a control
Set in my ways yeah stuck in a mould
And going the wrong way down a one way road
Young and bold i didn’t wanna be told
I use to steal and brag about the stuff i stole
Then one bright day my mind got blown
When a voice from within said “save your soul”

My mind got blown!

I didn’t listen no i didn’t want to be told
Things were looking up and i was on a roll
I was a rude boy and a romeo
And anywhere i went i stared to show
I had money women and plenty of gold
And a over inflated e.G.O.
I was a dead man but i didn’t know
Until a voice from within said “save your soul”

Yo! You see me? Original rough neck youth
From up so round so down so in so out so bout so
You see me? Is better a boy don’t even see me
A me a run things this year expensive and dear
Gwarn clear come wid it rude bwoy
Then me nar tell you maan

My life was like a movie and i was playing the role
Of a black youth living in the ghetto
Where the action was that’s where i’d go
Right or wrong i’d be going with the flow
But what you reap is what you sow
It’s like a karma the bad you do will follow
You around and i was going down
Right down with my face in the ground
Two hands bound to a siren sound
None of my so called friends anywhere to be found
And as i thought to myself in life your alone
A voice from within said “anyone home”
Yes lord! Well here i be
If i ain’t ready yet i go never be
I’m sorry for the things that i did before
Believe me lord i won’t do them no more
I’ll be an arrow lord if you’ll be my bow
Anywhere i’m sent i’d gladly go
I’ll be a witness yeah all around the world
To every man every woman every boy and girl

My mind got blown

Well i was born in the ghetto where the strong survive
And with a will to strive i began to rise
From seventy nine or was it seventy five
When reggae music began to open my eyes
About the truth the rights and jah the most high
And how to achieve a little pie in the sky
Inspirited? Yeah i was totally elevated
To the point where i decided to chat the mike
But my direction was not to only those of my complexion
But the brown yellow red and white


Critics criticise cynics cynicise
Any entertainer with a message they victimise
But in this world of sin it’s no surprise
So with the media i sympathise
I hear the rich mans laughter hear the poor mans cries
See hypocrites advertise their lies through their eyes
Everyone’s born everyone dies
But only gods children get the prize
Don’t be a fool be cool come on and get wise
Yeah wise up! No compromise
And listen to the voice that resides within the mind
Cause god has sent a guide to all mankind
The choice is yours life above or death below
It’s up to yo! To save your soul