Don’t worry, don’t worry

No worry you mind, no worry you mind

I arise in the morning
A new day is dawning
I listen to the news on the radio
To hear what is happening
Crime rate increasing
Robbing killing and raping
My sisters are crying
I turn to them saying

No worry you mind
No worry you mind, don’t worry

In a state of depression
People turn to crime
Forget the consequence
When your living on borrowed time
Hey Mr Bad Man
Hiding behind that weapon
I’m not amused with the way you choose
To worry my mind

No worry you mind, don’t worry
No worry you mind Mankind, don’t worry

Rich man living in a dreamland
Poor man living a nightmare
Government with their false promises
They really don’t care
I’d like to help the needy
I’d like to feed the hungry
Like to set my people free in South Africa
And tell them…… no worry you mind

If life was a tape recorder I would press rewind
And replace my crooked days with a righteous line
To all the youth them in the ghetto I leave this sign
If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime
And No Worry You Mind