Destination Paradise

Pato Banton
  1. Destination Paradise -:-- / 4:10
  2. Jah Love Will Carry Us Through -:-- / 4:12
  3. Heal This World -:-- / 5:36
  4. Reggae Party -:-- / 4:32
  5. Let There Be Love -:-- / 3:42
  6. Got To Keep Movin’ On -:-- / 4:11
  7. Special To Me -:-- / 4:39
  8. A Better Place -:-- / 5:25
  9. The Thrill Of Loving Service -:-- / 4:07
  10. Light & Life -:-- / 4:31
  11. My Opinion III -:-- / 5:11
  12. Save Your Soul -:-- / 4:04

Destination Paradise is the culmination of a long journey, spanning from my early years as a young MC, (hungry to succeed and achieve my material goals) to the current time where my main focus seems to be one of Musical Ministry & Service.

I have always looked at this dark world through optimistic eyes, which has earned me the title of Mr Positivity. And though some may brand me as an idealistic dreamer, I believe that my faith in the ultimate victory of good over evil will prove to be the most logical & realistic approach anyone can take during our short term of existence on this Planet of the Cross.

I would like to thank the following people for their support in making this dream a reality:

Roberto Angotti. For your creative vision, undying support & brotherly love through thick & thin. For opening the doors to my first journey in America and then reopening them again 20 years later. Our journey has been awesome and I will always appreciate your contribution bro.
Tanishamia, my Special. For the unconditional love and care you’ve shown me. For helping me achieve my goals and for all the lessons you have taught me. I don’t know what the future holds, but I do know you will always be Special To Me.

Charlie D’Agostino RIP. For your undaunted faith in me as an artist and for the sincere friendship I have grown to enjoy. Your contribution to this project has been amazing and consistent. As executive producer your tact, input & decisions have made this album what I consider my best recordings ever! Josh Achziger you are the man!

Stay Positive & Never Give In!