Destination Paradise


Released: 08-Aug-2008

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“Destination Paradise” is a tremendous set from this excellent artist. The handsome artwork shows Pato with his concentric circles necklace that represents the universe and the sun shining in the middle that represents Paradise. This CD is a beautiful visualization of that eternal journey that will take us to the center of all things. While the music is informed by the spiritual philosophy of The Urantia Book (The Complete Urantia Papers), it can be best appreciated as a loving dedication to the Heavenly Father and the joys of spiritual brotherhood & sisterhood that connect all men & women.
The set opens with a child’s voice doing a knock knock joke on “Got to Keep Moving On” that addresses the day-to-day challenges of paying bills in the material world while still keeping a positive perspective. “Heal This World” pulses seductively with a strong environmental lyric, “Pollution of the air, the land & seas, the planetary ozone is like a warzone & it affects us globally.” Banton hits his cosmic stride on “Love Will Carry Us Through” with addictive percussion driving the track, “Some say it’s all about the Benjamin’s, the most bling bling & material things, but people everywhere let me tell you something, if you ain’t got Jah Love, don’t mean a thing.” “Let There Be Love” layers a sweet female chorus over a rap/reggae hybrid. “Special to Me” is a love song/rap that realizes the eternal nature of true love.
“Reggae Party” bounces happily between reggae & rap. “Light & Life” refers to the concept of when everyone on the planet believes in God & the amazing changes as service replaces conflict & greed, “Could you imagine a world with no fighting, where everyone is simply uniting; Imagine a world with no hate, where all people strive to cooperate, Imagine this world with no boundary, with everyone traveling freely; There’s just love everywhere.” “A Better Place” sweetly sings about the faith that loved ones who have passed are simply moving on in a spiritual journey. “Loving Service” bops delightfully, “As I serve my brothers & sisters, I am serving the Father.” The title track articulates the struggle to sort truth from untruth, “Oh yes I found that big blue book Urantia & when I took a little look — Revelation; Now I’m happy as can be cause I found my truth & the truth has set me free.” Strong tracks “My Opinion III” & the rap gem “Save Your Soul” conclude the set. “Destination Paradise” quenches like a potent drink in the desert of popular music. Bravo!