Destination Paradise

Pato Banton presents this beautiful visual presentation of the title track of his most highly proclaimed studio album, “Destination Paradise.” Filmed on the coastline of Southern California this video “captures the moment” as Pato delivers an awesome performance, alongside Antoinette “Roots Dawtah” Hall. The Urantia Book has been the source of Pato’s inspiration for many years and in this song he makes a tribute to the TRUTH that has set him free!!!

Antoinette “Roots Dawtah” Hall also presents an instrumental composition at the end of the video entitled “Light & Life” which is taken from her debut album entitled “Thoughts of Paradise” which can be reviewed and purchased here:…
We hope you enjoy it!

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Destination Paradise
(Pato Banton)

It’s a Revelation for the Now Generation x 4

Destination, Destiny Yeah, My Destination

Inquisitive as I am
I have always had so many questions
Even as a little youth
I’d be digging up the roots to find a little grain of truth
In my frustration I would search
The synagogue, the mosque even the temple and the church
And even though some truth could be found in every one
So could the overwhelming Ego of a man

Destination Destiny Yeah
My Destination is Paradise, Paradise, Paradise, Paradise

Persistent as I am
I never stop searching till I find a resolution
But no matter how I tried
The books of yesteryear could never give me a solution
Then one bright day in my dismay
I went down on my knees & pray
Father please show me a sign for peace of mind
And so that through you I can find my


Now truly grateful yes I am
And I thank you Jah for everything you’ve done
I thank you for the miracles you’ve shown me
For the Mother Spirit & Christ Michael your S.O.N. (Sovereign Of Nebadon)
And yes I found that “big blue book” Urantia
And when I took a little look…….. Revelation!!!
Now I’m as happy as can be
Cause I found my truth and the truth has set me free


It’s a Revelation for the Now Generation x 4