Positive force, Pato Banton performs in Breckenridge

Pato in Breckenridge
Special to the Daily/Dylan Young Pato Banton and the Mystic Roots Band will be performing at Sherpa & Yeti’s tonight at 10 and at State Bridge in Bond on Friday evening.

Although Pato Banton’s been in the music industry for 26 years, he feels like a young kid starting his musical journey again. However, he admits that he has the advantage of a prolific legacy that he can pick up where he left it after a staggering personal tragedy.” This isn’t about playing music to make money, this is a mission for me. It’s like a mission for spreading positive messages,” said Banton. “I think people need to be hearing self-empowerment messages today, messages touching on social, family and political issues. But not just looking at them in a negative light, looking in from a spiritual viewpoint and being positive about the different situations that are going on right now.”Banton suffered the crushing loss of two sons to a drive-by shooting a few years ago in his hometown of Birmingham, England, so he took a break from his career to work with homeless kids, those involved in crime and with no educational background to make things better in his community.He set up a community organization that linked about 20 community centers together in the most deprived area of the city. He raised money from the British government to put musical equipment in every community center.Within the first year of Banton’s quest to ameliorate the crime and violence in his home, the top college in the city, Matthew Boulton College, invited Banton and his team to set up a music department there.

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